Unique programs north of the Netherlands and province Friesland

With “Lingvatech” you can discover an unknown for tourists  and wonderful Northern part of the Netherlands.

We are sure that names like Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen says little even to experienced tourists. It is a real “Terra Incognita”!

Here you can hardly find any trace of tourists but you will find an endless sky like nowhere else!

Here are sails moving along canals hidden in green fields! Here are romantic villages and small towns, hundreds of kilometres of bicycle roads, walking and hiking routes! Here are lighthouses, sand-dunes and cranberry fields!

At the same time you will find the most modern shipbuilding yards, energy and resource saving technology.  Fast ferries are side by side with traditional Frisian sailing-ships (“Skûtsjes”) . There are many more surprises!  In short: THERE IS A LOT TO BE DISCOVERED AND ADMIRED!


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